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A family run business since 1952, Reeve are one of the most well respected independent bakers in the country.

With a modest chain of 12 shops (based in and around their craft bakery in Wilton) Reeve generate an unrivalled £’s per sq foot revenue, making them both highly profitable and demanding of all their suppliers and consultants.

Have your cake and eat it

It was with some reluctance that Reeve agreed to allow us to help re-position and re-launch their already successful retail formula. That was in 2004. Since then we have been instrumental in developing their brand and proposition across all aspects of their marketing, from simple price tickets or promotional

Reeve The Baker

Wake Make Bake Repeat Logo

Reeve The Baker

Coffee Cup Designs

Reeve The Baker

Cotton Tote Bags

Don't take our word for it...

"Market Reactive have helped us to be more visible on the high street. They have taken our old image and updated it to appeal to today’s consumer. We’ve learnt through MR how important communicating with our customers is and it’s with their help that we look forward with confidence to the future""

— Reeve the Baker

"Market Reactive have taken a basic brief around our new brand and developed an exciting concept which has been widely accepted and positively received in the Surrey community. They were happy to listen to our ideas and comments to fulfil a project in a timely manner.""

— Sight for Surrey

"Exceeded expectations in design, quality, customer service and commutative production costs. The new global strategy has also helped to reinforce Overlands commitment to excellence.""

— Caterpillar Inc.

"No matter what the genre or size of film being released, Market Reactive will always find cool, creative solutions to ensure we have a standout product, from DVD/Blu-ray sleeve concepts to marketing materials across press, outdoor and digital, I know their assets will more than meet my brief. Their open and honest dialogue throughout any project helps to achieve the best possible results, and their speedy responses in many hours of need have helped to hit many a deadline and highlight their unbridled dedication in meeting their client’s needs.""

— Studiocanal

"It’s been absolutely fantastic working with Market Reactive. They got under the skin of our films and were a great partner to share creative ideas with. they elevated our brief and delivered strong, visually arresting campaigns. We look forward to working together with mr on upcoming releases.""

— Mer Film Distribution

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